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In 2015 Dart Marina Hotel & Spa underwent a huge £2.5 million refurbishment. As well as overhauling numerous rooms, they also completely re-designed the surrounding landscape. This refurbishment was the latest in a 10-year long transformation that saw the luxurious hotel become a premier luxury location in the idyllic British county of South-Devon.

As a part of the re-design of the landscape’s architecture, Binary is very proud to have several of our product ranges selected to adorn the burgeoning new space. Our ORNO LED MINI T in-ground luminaires and our Red Dot Design Award-winning LOFOOT fixtures are carefully placed around the hotel and marina grounds. Fittingly enough for a hotel by the water, the Lofoot is cast in marine grade aluminium.

We are especially proud to say that the APTUS BOLLARDS were chosen to adorn the outer deck of the marina, in order to illuminate the pathways of sailors returning from a day upriver or at sea.

The Aptus is one of Paviom’s most prestigious products. Terrence Woodgate, who recently placed #39 in the Top 200 Influential Designers, provided the design for the Aptus, as well as other Paviom Products.

The world-class design and pleasing light output aren't the only factor in the Dart's decision to choose the Aptus. From a material standpoint, the Aptus Bollards are the perfect choice for a marina. The Aptus is constructed with Cor-Ten Steel, also known as weathering steel. Cor-ten is a steel alloy developed to obviate the need for painting, by forming a stable rust-like appearance once exposed to the elements.



Binary Lighting completed the lighting / electrical design and installation of the ‘Skirt of the Black Mouth’ installation which was created by artists Heather and Ivan Morrison. Skirt of the Black Mouth is a place for everyone within the south landscape of the Tate Modern Project.

Skirt of the Black Mouth began as a new approach to the traditional hoarding, using it as a sculptural element to redefine the space, while allowing glimspes of what lies behind. Characterised by a distinctively twisted arrangement of the wall, bench and path, it is a space taken back from the Tate Modern Project construction site, dividing one world from another.

Composed of light and dark, silences and shadows, contrasting materials and conflicting ideas, it will encourage visitors to begin to imagine what this space is, and what it might be in the future.


Binary helps BBC Children in Need

Binary are very proud to have been involved in helping BBC Children in Need as part of a BBC 1 special programme: “DIY SOS: The Big Build”. The programme features the renovation of a centre for children with additional needs in Edinburgh. The Yard helps children and young people from 3 to 25. It is an indoor and outdoor space that welcomes the whole family. This year the centre celebrates 25 years of helping families deal with the demands of daily life, giving the young people a space to develop their confidence and encouraging them to make lasting friendships.

DIY SOS: The big build Children in Need - Edinburgh

The Yard receives a grant towards its costs from BBC Children in Need. But the building and its outdoor space were in desperate need of a total overhaul. Paviom donated the Red Dot award winning Lofoot LED in-ground fixture to BBC Children in Need to provide illumination in the outdoor play area decking.

The build took ten days from the end of September to the beginning of October. In all over three hundred people helped transform both building and outdoor play area.

DIY SOS: The Big Build Children in Need Special will be shown on BBC1 during the week commencing 12th November.